Auric Hoth

Auric Hoth (1585-1650)1 was a crusader knight of the Order of the Divine Light and adventurer who sought to champion against evil & darkness. Hoth was the son of Caim Hoth and Shira Hoth.

Early Life

Born in 1585 during the mid-season, Auric was the son of Caim Hoth.

Auric had always lived in the shadow of his father, who was revered as a hero and leader of Olthonis. However, since the Lord Eternal was a title earned, not bequeathed to a son, Auric had never been coddled like so many nobles in other kingdoms. His childhood was a mix of intense combat training, long prayer sessions and reading the holy tenants vigorously. This prepared Auric for his time in the Order of the Golden Light, as well as introducing him to several Crusaders who would influence his outlook and his alignment, most notably the former member of the Order of the Silver Dragon; Karn Pelas.

At the age of 16, Auric was made an initiate in the order and began his journey through the ranks of knighthood.

Auric’s first few years in the order consisted of guarding border towns near Gonth and Matos, introducing Auric to several steham merchants who traded silver to olthonisian smiths. After an encounter with orcish raiders attacking a caravan near the olthonisian town of Del, Auric caught the eyes of his commanders and was given command of a band of crusaders. By the age of 19, Auric had achieved the rank of knight-captain. He was sent to the capital city at the behest of his father.


In 1604, Auric was sent into a rage, after discovering his father's command of The Purge of 1604.2 This led him to confront his father in front of several of the high crusaders. The aftermath of this action caused Auric to be stripped of his rank as knight-captain in the order, and placed in the stocks for a week. Following Auric's punishment, Karn set Auric out on a caravan to the north, towards Tromania. Auric. with intent to see the world that his father fears, and to listen to Karn’s advice to see if any other silver knights survived the fallout of Jhavek Fel's invasion and occupation.

Lord of Tyrsburg

After war with Jhavek Fel, Auric was given Lordship over Tyrsburg for his accomplishments in freeing Tromania. The House Hoth Sigil is a Tower Shield with the Silver Dragon engraved on it; atop the shield is the Golden Eagle. It represents the cooperation and renewed relations between Tromania and Olthonis.

Personal Life

Auric’s mind had been focused on training and soldiering for the majority of his life. However, at age 13 he was almost married to Gima, the daughter of the 2nd Crusader, Ulan Gul. Thanks to a sequence of events that may or may not be related to Karn, Auric was able to escape marriage to focus on his training. Auric would once again face marriage, however this of his own accord in 1608. This time it was of his longtime companion, Diana Warwic; the marriage would of been acknowledged by Olthoni clergymen when his exile from his homeland ended by 1615.

Notable Quotations

"You (necromancers) come into this town, lure people into traps to worship the black gods? By the righteous fury of the light, I shall strike you down and cast you back into the dark depths from which your soul climbed!" c.1604

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