Character Index

Alaric Porlanis () – Believed to be the strongest magical user of the human race of his day, Alaric Porlanis sought independence from government interference in magical academia. The Forloni government painted him as a traitor and inspired debate that led to Forlonia restricting access to their magical academy to nobility only. In his later years, Alaric grew only in power and began to dabble in the forbidden arts of arcane magic and by this point he had amassed a following of many people who he described as “true and free mages”. His students would become his army and he began to get greedy as he began to attack territories and caravans from other countries and even claimed a kidnapped noble of Tromani descent as his wife. Thus he ignited a conflict that he would lose but ultimately would also change Forloni mage law forever; The Law of Witches. The law would allow witch-hunters from Forlonia to operate freely in foreign countries (those that signed the agreement) and dictate that arcane magic is the social responsibility of Forlonia as well as dictate that the only country allowed to research arcane magic would be them.

Mathis Thornwell () – The godfather of magic in the north, and the founder of an academic academy that would become the foundation of a magocracy that controls the Forloni kingdom to this day. In his youth, Thornwell was fascinated by magic at a young age when a sorcerer of Elven descent visited his home. The magic was different from the sorcery of conmen and thieves who used the audience's sense of wonder to their financial gain. As an adult, Thornwell travelled all across the known world to see what magic meant and how to wield it to gather wisdom and knowledge. Thornwell visited kingdoms and tribes, immersing himself in the cultures as he soaked in what magic meant to them. The stories of how Thornwell obtained the knowledge of magic are varied and hard to confirm, but the most common theory is that he went north to Farkshire with a group of adventurers and trackers to seek out the Elves who lived supposedly in the frontier. Whatever the case, Thornwell would return home in Forlonia in his late-forties and begin teaching Forloni men and women the possibilities of magic.

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