Diana Hoth

Diana Hoth (1588- ) was a educated mage and adventurer who assisted Auric Hoth in his campaigns. Warwic was the daughter of Jarvis Dorvel and Kalora Amar.

Early Years

Born in 1588 during the winter season, Diana was one child birthed of a set of identical twins. She was born and raised for the early points of her life in a unnamed bandit settlement. While her sister Mera was more of a extroverted; active and confident personality, Diana was the polar opposite; preferring quiet, solemnity and books over social interaction. This was not to say she was completely a recluse, but she preferred it in the least.

In 1598, her mother had a emotional breakdown out of exponential excess of fear and discontent. She took the then ten year old Diana and ran away with her, already seeing the overwhelming influence her husband's bandit ideology left on her first born and socially active Mera; she depressingly concluded she could only save one child from the maddening path her husband had made. This loomed over Diana and her mother for years, as it cut ties with her twin sister, older brother and birth father; and for the next two years that followed in their relocation it was rough and often times hollow of an existence.

In 1600, they had been living in the forlonian countryside under her mother's maiden name, Amar for some time. The absence from Diana's own blood and comfort was sufferable, but effectively maddening at the same time and it took it's toll as her mother attempted to find as much possible work as she could. Ralneria was a suitable town tucked in the northern forlonian coastline with a large agricultural commerce and it eventually took a turn for the better for the two women. Diana's mother had found a steady job after two years of inconsistencies as an attendant for a forlonian fitting service and clothing vendor. This job placement led her to meet Edgar Warwic, a lower caste noble who over the next year became enticed by Kalora's strength and independence. They married in mid-season 1601.

The Warwic Family

Effectively adopting the thirteen year old Diana, Edgar was probably the best thing to happen to her and her mother. Her interest in books only made her all the more effective when it came to the education granted to her at the Thornwall academy, where she eventually was accepted into the magical chapter and began magical education alongside normal education endeavors.1 Diana was worked to the bone in both academics and magic by her mentors and challenged vigorously by her peers who thought it was absurd that she was allowed. The idea of overworking Diana would cause her enough stress to break and forfeit her membership was a faulty one as the child had no desire to care about her peers and dedicated herself to a standard above them. This led to her surpassing them and embarrassing the Ralneria chapter of Thornwell's Hand.2

Diana graduated at seventeen, doing the Warwic name proud.3 This was a feat to be awarded of and she achieved honors, graduating at top of her age class; proving a non-noble female who had only fundamental education could master advanced academics AND magical academics simultaneously in only four years; which purebloods had been getting a grasp of for seven to eight. Diana was now a level one member of Thornwell's Hand and began to ponder what research she should decide upon for essentially what was her rite of passage into the guild.

Leaving Ralneria

In 1605, Auric Hoth met…

Personal Life

Diana married Auric Hoth in 1608.

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