Evelyn Hyperion

Evelyn Rahes (1587- ) was a member of the Order of the Eternal Plane and later the Lady of Nihlus between 1617 and _.


Evelyn was born in 1587 as Evelyn Kasri Rahes in Torpon, the only child of Ral Rahes and Jesa Eahm. Evelyn's mother was the daughter of a mine worker and her father worked as a merchant who dabbled in the goods of silver, silk and sapphires. As life is tragic as it is sufferable, Jesa died in childbirth; forcing Ral to raise the child on his own. Ral poured most of his income into caring for the child, even after being hit hard after his wife's death. Even with hiring the cheapest maid available, this struck Ral almost into poverty and he began to work harder and more actively as a result of this. He succeeded until he was killed by a vicious attack from one of The Dragon's many bandit raids on merchant caravans in 1593. This left Evelyn parentless and soon was dropped in a meek orphanage in Torpon.

The Order of the Eternal Plane

By 1595, Evelyn was stuck in an orphanage of which that pained her, especially considering the apathetic and cynical owner of the foundation, Von Sahil, who promoted nothing but disregard and misery. This would add in to Evelyn's worldview in part, but nothing she imagined could of prepared her for what came. Jon Darkrend visited the orphanage in the later part of the year and took an initial interest in three of the children there; Evelyn being the first to come to mind. The foreign suitor ended up purchasing the children as per adoption protocol and moved on. Evelyn and the other two; Gaul Daret and Jaias Felsur would soon find themselves in front of the Black Temple that was the homefront for the Order of the Eternal Plane and their new home.

Evelyn soon became aware of what the order stood for and the option to walk away was an option.1 Evelyn (and Gaul, Jaias) chose sanctuary over the harsh unknown. This began a life within the temple, which was easygoing outside of the devoted studying and training to become members among the plane. In 1602, Evelyn was inducted to the process of becoming one with the plane and began the rites of passage. The plane and her became one and Evelyn's affinity for dark magic and defensive combat became something of a wonder. The following years conducted her in investigation missions as a subordinate under Jon Darkrend, Kylia Darkrend & Sael Darkrend. Evelyn's success became noteworth enough by 1606 where a report of dark corruption in the colonial frontier around the town of Kanas came to the Council of Three's ears and they chose Evelyn to take part in the group (Rora, Gaul & Jaias) to investigate.

Investigation of Kanas

Led by veteran Rora Hellrend, Evelyn found herself among her friends from Torphon in the investigation.

Investigation of The Orc

Investigation of the Siren of Kali'korane

Investigation of Jhavek Fel

Lady of Nihlus

Personal Life

Evelyn Rahes married Alexander Hyperion in

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