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The Conclave — An academic guild originating in the Imperium of Gaealia that was responsible for imperial education; nicknamed the Imperial Academy.

The Order of the Divine Light — Nicknamed the “Most Devout” by humankind, The Order of the Divine Light is the central religious order of the human kingdoms. Centered around principles of nobility, unity, compassion, and love as dictated by the human god of creation, Gaea.

The Order of Thornwell's Hand — A union of study centered around the magical sciences founded by Mathis Thornwell following years of research.

The Order of Sages — A order of academic philosophers and scientists who are responsible for the ordainment of the seasons among other tasks.

The Order of the Silver Dragon — An order of clerical knights blessed by a well of holy magic in a sanctum underneath the city of Tromania.

The Wardens of Null — An order of knights painted in ebony from the aladori highlands.

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