Kara Karthas

Biographical Information

Full Name: Kara Wolfe
Alias: Lady of Kork
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Tromani
Gender: Female 
Age: 41 (b. 1589) 
Class: Paladin 
Type: Guardian 

Personal Appearance

Hair Color:
Eye Color:

Political Information

Alignment: Neutral Good
Role: Nobility
Base of Birth: Tromania, Tromania
Base of Ops: Kork, Tromania

“Darkness exists in every corner of our land and it must be approached with all of the courage we can muster. Do not believe you will ever fail when you take that step and you find yourself the victor every time.”

Kara Wolfe (ne. Karthas) was an adventurer and devout follower of the Order of the Silver Dragon who is known as a companion and later wife of Samuel Wolfe.


Early Life


Personal Life

Power and Abilities

Swordplay: Kara was trained in the art of tromani swordplay by her uncle who was a former member of the Order of the Silver Dragon. In addition to this format swordplay she has honed both her abilities with it and with an accompanying shield.

Dragonsblood: Unbeknownst to Kara she holds in her blood traces of draconic heritage, specifically from a sacred lineage that allows her to use holy abilities three times that of a veteran paladin who has bathed in the dragonwell. This deepens her abilities from healing, wards, and other such skills.

Emotional Direction: A perk and flaw in itself, Kara wields a will that is powered by her emotions that can affect her fighting capability to create physical adrenaline in the heat of battle and especially so when her allies are in danger. It is much “jumping without thinking” in the best way.

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