Laelis Vindictus

Laelis Vindictus (1558- ) was a member of falconis hand between 1582 and 1599.

Early Life

Agent of Falconis

At the age of twenty, Laelis had written three thesis papers on magic study within his travels as an acolyte of Thornwell's Hand he was approached by Aleister Rivitius to join the order of Thornwell's Hand merely on the merits of his beliefs and subjects of his research papers that he had written. Seeing the opportunity to bring balance to the magical world the young Laelis accepted and trained vigorously for four years before being given his first assignment and his badge of Falconis' Hand.

Artemis Godwin [1587-1591]
Fiona Fever [1587-1595]
Liana Kelanus - [1595-1599]

Retirement and Disappearance

After seventeen years in the service of his kingdom hunting heretics Laelis found himself beaten in his soul after seeing death in the name of the law the agent decided to stop for a moment and separate himself from the harsh dystopia of his kingdom. This led to a hole in the warden's circle as the forty-one year old spellcaster to seek refuge in a simpler life. Laelis found himself eventually in the place he would stay, in the small village of Kenway tucked away in the colonial frontier far removed from the influence of Forlonia.

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