Mage Hunters
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Part I

“As you know, several weeks ago we were attacked at our heart; which has enabled a breach of security that we never even anticipated. As agents of Falconis’ hand this should strike at your very core as this is the witches screaming for war. My superiors are screaming as well, screaming for zero tolerance. But how ready are you to operate, really?”

Garrus Alectus spoke clearly from behind his desk in the halls of Falconis’ Hand as his eyes looked to the two youths put in front of him—the youngest members of Falconis’ Hand, Leon Aleion and Erya Turanis. The glaring problem for Alectus was not of their youth, though it was a factor of some note, but it was more of the fact that Leon was completely uneducated and only a noble by sheer chance as he was everything that was a simple peasant. In another life he would have been hunted down but here he was as his apprentice, it was comedic. Then there was Erya Turanis, who flew through Thornwell’s Hand and would have been still an Initiate of Falconis’ Hand if for two factors: she wasn’t the daughter of a very well-remembered man by the name of Torin Turanis and wasn’t the rare case of being able to learn and use chrono-magic.

Special cases, both of them. Alectus abhorred special cases.

"We've been stuck here for far to long as it is…If we stay stuck here we might as well never be ready." The half elf said holding a mild smile. "We are at the top of our games and we put most other people our rank to shame already. The only reason we couldn't get Wolfe was because of her ties with the dwarven prince who was willing to toss him self in front of us."

The halfbreed’s personality didn’t rub Alectus the right way and that much could be told from the way his brows would narrow or arch from the vocal responses. The duo had been stuck in the city itself for almost half-a-year now and sat being useless—they were two perfectly useful tools to use and an agent not in use was just a waste of resources.

“That may be so, but you are uneducated to everything that should be known as an afterthought and…” he stopped moving his eyes to Erya before speaking again. “…she lacks resolve and reflex.”

Alectus sighed as he ended the comment, Erya didn’t shoot back at him and she never did—she was dutiful and respectful. At this point Alectus was one comment away from dismissing them as ‘the idiot and the librarian’. Falconis members were trained and conditioned; expected to be something more and here he had was two members that had one or two astonishing traits that made them give the illusion of not being initiatehood material. They had not earned the right to apprenticeship and Alectus believed that.

“Outside of one chance scenario you have not earned the right to explore, but I am put in the unfortunate situation to have to give you something. If it were up to me I’d send you both down a rank to relearn the fundamentals.”

"Lacking in resolve? If she lacked that she would have asked to get a new partner by now." He said taking this time to quickly defend her over him as he nods faintly. "And all the things you list is why we make such a great team. If you don't give us a chance to show you we can handle this how in the heck will you ever know?"

“There is word going around that a coven has snuck into one of our provinces to the south, near Teria.” He ignored the halfbreed’s defensive remark. “You are to travel there and decipher what is going on as well as deal with the witch population if it proves rumors have some reliability in their origin.” He said as he placed out the Falconis’ broadsheet on his desk toward the two. The broadsheet was the first formal assignment they had gotten as the whole entire scenario with Fiona Wolfe had been ‘off the record’.


With a groan Leon snatches up the papers nodding heading for the door looking over to his partner with a smirk. "Well he was a ball of joy." handing over the papers for her to read being more her talent then his. "So a group of witches…should be more then enough to handle them."

“Don’t make him angrier than he already is, he’s being charitable by giving us an assignment out of the city.” She paused before speaking again, “…or do you want to go back looking for witches in the common district?” she raised a brow at him and even if she was very grateful for him trying to defend her it could just end up being career suicide. She had a legacy to live up to and a talent that needed to be on the field. She wanted this, no matter what.

“I just hope we can handle whatever this ends up to be.” She said replying to his comment about the ‘group of witches’.

He sighs and nods. "Like most of the time you've got a very good point." He said as he walks along the path to gear up for this job. "I'm just glad we get to travel again…We are too damn good at what we do to be stuck here and don't worry about it. We can handle just about anything."

“I think you talk a little higher than what we’ve actually done. We had a lot of luck helping out with the Fiona Wolfe operation, not that we didn’t handle ourselves well when we were cornered… but we should try not to surround ourselves in arrogance and imagination.” Her last sentence was a little ironic in the regards to not surrounding themselves in their imagination considering how fantastical and amazing magic really was—but Erya was a realist at heart and it showed often.

“With that aside, most of our survival has been on you—you handle yourself physically… very well.”

"On me? You've done more then your fair share to watch my back…which is a fair trade if you ask me." He said cracking a smirk as they kept moving. "Besides we could more then likely handle some up coming coven witches… but I will keep an eye out safety reasons."

Erya believed she had a lot more to learn and it was true that her magical applications needed work, but those in greater roles in the forloni hierarchy had her marked as a powerful user of magic as she was, that once she had her magic theory down her accumulated magic power would match rather quickly and efficiently. It was likely one reason she was assigned to Leon; as his magic theory was sound and honestly equal to his martial skill, which was just as impressive to the hierarchy that gave him his pardon.

Erya nodded, “Maybe, the rumor could be dead by the time we get there however.”

"Then we poke our noses around all sneaky and clever like…and if it gets to the dead end we take a nice slow enjoyable trip back here for our next job and hell maybe even stop off by the shore line get a good tavern drink." His whole body and way he walked seem to say he was really relaxed about the whole thing.

“Teria is on the coast.” She said matter-of-factly before commenting again with a short laugh. “But I know what you mean. It’s still going to take a while getting to Teria, even if we take the line to Veria we are looking at a seven to nine day trek here.”

"What we aren't important enough to get horses or some type of mounting and can't we take a boat or something?" He said giving a faint sigh shaking his head a bit. "Oh well…"

“I suppose we could visit a stable or port in Veria.” She commented, she hadn’t really thought to the point of transportation given how much walking they had to do in the Fiona Wolfe case. “But that’s then, for now we have to hope we catch a carriage on the line before it leaves and detracts so much time from this objective.”

Part II

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