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Elvais Fever — or glassbone is an animal-carried disease that attacks the consistency and health of the bone, making it weaker and weaker as time goes on and overly sensitive to any touch. If not treated it is fatal or at least handicapping.

Magus — is an magically brought disorder (from magical overexertion) that attacks the brain, making the user have traits such as; impulsiveness, aggression and impatience.

Nosferatis — or vampirism is an accursed disease that in time wrecks the individual with the prolonged curse. The disease causes fatal weaknesses to silver, sunlight and flame. The disease also makes a desire to upkeep the desire for feeding, which is all apart of the vampire physiology.

Raeli Ache — is an animal-carried disease that attacks the consistency and health of the bone, making it painful and locking joints as time goes on. It is fatal in the last stages when it locks the skeleton entirely and the victims tend to starve to death.

Urelic Fever — also known as death's gasp is an insect brought disease that attacks the lungs; causing asthma, in final stages it results in death. The poison called ayerl is a produced variant from the disease.


Guimathair — also known as the trickster snake, the Guimathair is a dire snake that dwells in caverns and forests seeking prey with a cunning intelligence. Documented for its ability to replicate the voice of women and children to lure hapless wanderers into its den thus making it a dangerous foe to explorers and adventurers alike.

Kak — a small arachnid known for dwelling in caverns and crags that sits around the size of a human skull. Kak's are extremely poisonous and deadly; a fact accented by a hidden tendril that is centered on its underbelly, that has the girth to pierce metal and bone alike, that acts like a straw to suck the substance it needs from humanoid and animal targets. Keen to pack mentality.



Arbiter — a mediator or lawyer of the social sciences.

Crow — is a synonym for thief, assassin or spy.

Halfbreed — a mixture of two races

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