Before Rupture

500 BR

In the western region within the continent of Drakos, The Draconan Union is attacked when several of their city-states are invaded by The Siren of Kali’korane. The political government of Draconan heads an assembly in an attempt to try to combat the problem as their cities begin to fall. A vanguard and specialized force is sent to Kali’korane to deal with the problem directly, but in the end the entire Draconan race is wiped out as they wither into stone; but doing so they also seal the Siren of Kali’korane away.

401 BR

In the northern region on the continent of Humas, the variety of city-states of humanity in the north unify to become the Imperium of Gaealia under the request of their god in an attempt to unify the human race under the pantheon; as no humans should encourage in-fighting against their brothers.

After Rupture

1 AR

The Elvas rupture the link between worlds as the magical society of their utopic culture is destroyed in a magical apocalypse that disrupts all of the elements—as a result the ocean’s tides refuse to allow safe travel for many. The gods go silent, causing a religious ignorance in the world amongst all of the races. Many cultures deem this the beginning of the dark age, other cultures blame the Elvas for meddling in forces they couldn’t comprehend and bringing damnation, and some are just barely comprehending intellectual thought which begins a new dawn of spiritual ignorance.

250 AR

The Adventurer's Guild is founded by Cedric Turias, Alexander Lias, Wil Strife & Doren Kelston.

302 AR

A hiresword band to combat monsters and orcs called The Crimson Elite is founded by Merrun Tyhrolr.

330 AR

Edmond Farkshire leads an expedition across the dangerous northern oceans believing beyond the supposedly unpassable depths exists a new frontier for the world to learn about and for Aladore to expand upon. Once successful he founds the colonial kingdom of Farkshire.

465 AR

A giant “dragonwell” is discovered inside a cavern near the capital of Tromania by Orland Tromvara after miners were unsure how to progress called him in. Initial studies of the well to be of unknown origin outside of dragon-like etchings. After diving into the well and becoming imbued with holy magic he returns to his oldest brother, the lord of Tromania, to report his findings. Later on he would found the knightly order known as Knights of the Silver Dragon, a clerical knight order devoted to heal and protect the weak.

469 AR

The humans discover the elven race when migrating forces of elves find themselves within the township of Farkshire.

500 AR

Mathis Thornwell is fascinated by a traveling elven mage at a young age.

514 AR

Mathis Thornwell travels the world to find the elves and learn magic.

539 AR

Mathis Thornwell returns from his travels and forms an academy of magic that would become Thornwell’s Hand. He sets the discipline and rules based on his studies. Magic is introduced to the humankind.

558 AR

Patriarch Athaerin I, the ruler of the Imperium of Gaealia dies in his sleep at age 65. He is succeeded by his youngest son, Theodoric.

560 AR

Olthonis forms a union with their neighbors in the desert as conflicts on every front seem out to destroy them together or alone— the threats being that of a Great Khan rising up in the desert, a pirate fleet led by the Kraken on the eastern coastline, and a great wyrm descending from the sands. Calling their union “The Three Sands” they hope to defend themselves in the present and in the future from such realities.

565 AR

The Great Elven Migration occurs as hundreds upon hundreds elves make across the northern sea to settle in Humas.

566 AR

The Peasant's Rebellion occurs in Forlonia with support of two lesser noble houses and the forloni hierarchy reacts.

567 AR

The ruler of the Imperium of Gaealia, Patriarch Theodoric IV, dies suddenly in his keep at age 40.

567 - 602 AR

The Imperium of Gaealia collapses. The human kingdoms become independent.

602 AR

The King of Forlonia is removed from the royal throne of his kingdom when he is murdered by his advisor, Titus Solois. Titus Solois destroys the monarchy and instead creates a magocratic republic in its place. With the guise of social and magical independence through a republican agenda this marks the beginning of the Magocratic Republic of Forlonia.

603 AR

A rebellion seeking to restore Forlonia’s monarchy begins and is subsequently defeated not long after due to the strength of the mages.

627 AR

Alaric Porlanis leaves Thornwell’s Hand after an argument and recluses in his castle in western Forlonia.

629 AR

Edwic Falconis is elected the new representative of the Council of Magus after Titus Solois retires.

644 AR

Alaric Porlanis inspires a group of mages opposed to Thornwell’s Hand and its strict set of rules and start’s up his own magical academy inside his castle. As many commoners who could not afford tuition fees and others flock to Alaric Porlanis for his teachings. Soon Porlanis realizes he has his own independent army-sized flock and soon gets delusions of grandeur.

647 AR

Alaric Porlanis declares himself independent of Forlonia and becomes a self-proclaimed magical warlord. Several weeks later he starts an international incident when he kidnaps a forloni princess and invades neighboring territory claiming it as his own.

650 AR

After the defeat of Alaric Porlanis, The Law of Witches is signed which enables witch-hunters from Forlonia to operate in foreign nations and dictates that arcane magic is the social responsibility of Forlonia. In addition to this, it dictates that only Forlonia is allowed to research arcane magic for their role in policing northern magic.

965 AR

The Lich of Darkthrone Keep is revealed to be operating in southern Aladore and northern Forlonia. This spurs on a heavy reaction from the Order of the Silver Dragon and the Order of the Divine Light who send a team to investigate and deal with the problem. This group consisted of William Thelanious, Wynan Azderis, Karn Pelas, Caim Hoth, Ulan Gul, Uther Vox, & Qul Verul.

990 AR

Jhavek Fel begins The Black Dragon Occupation, thus sparking a ruthless rule on the Kingdom of Tromania of which he absorbs into the Kingdom of Aladore, his ruling state. This spurs on a strong conflict between the other nations of the continent but for a time the conquest of Tromania goes unopposed.

997 AR

A bandit collective led by a man known as The Crow attacks the duchy of Kork in northern Tromania, killing many including the duke and his family.

1005 AR

A bandit collective led by a man known as The Crow is defeated by a group of adventurers in northern Tromania.

1006 AR

The Order of the Eternal Plane sends Evelyn Hellrend, Gaul Hellrend & Jaias Hellrend to investigate a possible dark magic corruption in the lands of Kanas.

1007 AR

Samuel Wolfe & Drek Ironflask meet Auric Hoth, Victor Mihawk, Diana Warwic, Silent & Moira Karlis and discover the archive left behind by the Lich of Darkthrone Keep, where a dark mage was planning on using it's contents to follow in her footsteps; luckily the archive had already been plundered.

1011 AR

Jhavek Fel is revealed to be a black dragon by the name of Xaronrath and is defeated by a heroic coalition to restore House Tromvara to the Tromani throne. The Black Dragon Occupation ends.

1033 AR

The Trollavari Dominion invades the Human Kingdoms following a mandate that declares humanity unfit to rule over their lands.

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